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Andher Nagri Chaupat Raja - Play


In the olden times there lived a king named Chaupat who ruled over a land called Andher Nagri. He is careless, uneducated and stupid. Everything in his kingdom was sold at “takey serr” {1 kg for 1 takka!} from vegetable to sweets to anything. 
One day a sadhu was walking through the city with his two shishyas (disciples). After knowing about the city (Andher Nagri), the sadhu decides not stay there. He tells his two shishyas: This is a dangerous place; we must leave this place as soon as possible.” 
Now one of his shishya, Govardhan, was of a greedy nature. He decides to stay on to be able enjoy sweets and other goodies by spending very little amount of money. 
One day the jailor of the kingdom catches Govardhan, who by then had become very fat. The jailor wants to hang him till death.
When the shishya asks what his fault is, the jailor replies that he did not make any mistake but king has ordered to hang any man, whose neck is very thin and the hanging rope is big. That’s why they catch him as Govardhan’s neck is thin. 
On knowing this Govardhan begins to cry. He remembers his guru's words and called him in his heart. The guru gets to know about everything and reached there in a minute. He walks up to his shishya and whispers something into his ear.
The king asks Govardhan to declare what his Guru has said.  To know what did the guru whispered into Govardhan’s ear, you must see the play.
Language - Hindi 
Genre - Comedy
Length - 45 min
Director - Yasin Khan

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Plot no. 72, Lodhi EState, Lodhi Road, Delhi
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